Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:


I do notice my regulars. You guys are the best.

"Regulars" makes me feel like a bar-tender…

Wiping down my dash at the end of an evening, I see your read-more, over-hear your rant in the tags, so I pour you a drink.

"…what’s troubling you, kid?"

rebloging again because my regulars are fabulous

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» The Blacklist’s Comic Con Poster Revealed by NBC


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Like this if you post the Blacklist (around 90%) or are a Blacklist blog and I’ll follow you!

    e     y    e    l    a    s    h    p    o    r    n     -     p  t    1


||  ”Someone who’s willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about… that’s a man I understand.” 

At least you don’t have to worry about immunity anymore. You’re never gonna go on trial. You are going to disappear.